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  • Item Wed, May 22 21:03
    Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue.
  • Item Sat, Mar 02 23:03
    There's a subreddit devoted entirely to mashups and remixes of the theme song from Space Jam. O...
  • Item Wed, Jan 23 20:03
    Off-the-menu snacks that McDonalds workers make for themselves out of whatever's available.
  • Item Fri, Jan 18 00:03
    Steamboat Willie overdubbed with the Koyaanisqatsi theme. Oddly unsettling, on many levels.
  • Item Wed, Nov 07 18:04
    Perhaps you want to see edgy, "hardcore gamer" videos set to dubstep tracks ... of forklift, tr...
  • Item Thu, Oct 04 01:03
    Attention fellow documentarians of the horrifying, yet fascinating recesses of Brony subculture...
  • Item Tue, Aug 28 01:03
    As part of the fractally nested Brony subculture, allow me to present Fluffy Ponies. Apparently...
  • Item Thu, Jul 26 23:03
    With the Olympics coming, let us celebrate a different kind of world champion.
  • Item Tue, Jul 03 01:03
    Tay Zonday has a take on the Call Me Maybe song. Yes, Virginia, turds can be polished.
  • Item Sat, Jun 02 05:03
    Jm J. Bullock and Tammy Faye Baker rant about hotdogs and segue to sword swallowing. Innuendo much? ...
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